Diamond Platnumz’s Radio station suspended


By Hussein Kiganda

The Tanzanian Communications Regulatory Authority has suspended Diamond Platnumz Wasafi FM radio for airing obscene information and violating communication regulations.

The ban was passed by TCRA’s director general James Kilaba during a press conference on Friday.

TCRA’s director explained that the station committed the offense on August 1st, between 8pm and 5pm and on August 4th, between 10am and 12pm during two programs the ‘Switch’ and ‘Mashamsamu’ where the presenters contravened regulations of the Electronic and Postal Communications Act and didn’t take into account the interests of the public particularly children and the youth.

The punishment on Wasafi FM follows in the heels of Cloud FM and TV which a month ago were recently banned for seven days for publishing content that was contrary to the regulations.

The suspension comes just days after Diamond was spotted making merry with President Magufuli who even donated his hat to the singer on a campaign trail.


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