Fik and Jazmine’s ‘binji’ collabo disappoints fans


By Hussein Kiganda

When the teasers of the Binji video, a collabo between Lydia Jazmine Fik Fameica, went viral on social media, with the two making stunning poses, many had great expectations. Many thought it would be the video of the year according to the hype it was given.

When the video was released, many rushed to have their eyes on it but after it all, the jeering  swept the expectations. Some ran to the handles of the two with rough comments to express their dissatisfaction. A number of them said the audio of the song was not good and others criticized its video suggesting that they would have shot it with a different director.

Aiman Amer Aljaber: “I wish you did with Swangz, it will be the best video with art. We were expecting some good entertainment like money heist but I never saw anything. Swangz deserved it.”

Nyayich Percy: “Truth be told, the video is a movie yes but audio work yabulamu. Lyrics zakito nyo(ma opinion air yo own)”

Olgawoodz Rash: “At times guys you need to be honest so that these guys can correct their mistakes. Its a nice song naye kyabuzemu.”

Mutebi Joanah: “Truth be told, d video dnt match wd d song…it was not as I expected “

Sharief Mugamghe: “the video is woooow naye audio temuli work.”

Suzie K Tasha: “video clear naye audio Nedda.”

Twasse Nairah: “Wama the truth is the video is nice but song is too boring.”
Monika Kasozi: “Fik Fameica’s energy was low compared to the energy he put in this song.” Truth be told.”

Nathan Nurah: “Video is better than the song u know me am always honest.”

Noeline Shahez Vasha: Fik walimugambye nakuba embaga netuva my palapase mwana.


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