Naira Ali Living Large In The US


By Hussein Kiganda

If you live in the US have not seen how Naira Ali enjoys herself, you are not in the same country.

Since she went to the US, the “sikyalinda” singer seems to have changed life. She posts while on outings every now and then, takes pictures in expensive hotels and restaurants as she enjoys the music.

She seems excited over her successful project she released a few months ago. Her song, “Yo body” is trending on most of the TV stations in the city and most blogs and charts lists are putting it between number two and number six.

A few days ago, the singer posted pics haveing dinner in an expensive place, took videos of her dancing to certain songs. When other artists go to the US, all we here is they have been arrested here and there or they are crying for transport help to bring them back home.

For others, we hear about deportation and others even just go silent. Its only the likes of Saava Karim who works on a famous radio, GNL Zamba whose music rocks even where he is, Titus Muyingo who takes the crowns and now Naira Ali joining in.


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