“Property” lawsuit will not see the light of day – Fameica’s lawyer


By Ahmad Muto

Finally, rapper Fik Fameica’s lawyer has spoken out on the law suit against the rapper and his manager over the Property song. Prasidiah Nagasha, a lawyer, argued that the song violates the rights of women and girls in society and so demanded they legally ban it.

“I seek a declaration that the song demeans, undermines, and discriminates against women and girls in Uganda.”

However, now Fameica’s lawyer, Derrick Lufunya says they have been dragged to the civil division of the high court by Prasidiah and are preparing to go defend themselves. He explains that as a lawyer everyone has a right to drag another to the courts of law, but first, the case must hold water. This particular one is meant to waste Fameica’s time.

“If you listen to the song, the lyrics are corny and compliments women far better than any other song out there. It was released along time ago, online downloads are about to hit millions. Many have used it in introduction and wedding ceremonies. Those against it are wasting time because their case will not see the light of day,” he said.


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