Bebe Cool dissed over comments on Makerere University fire outbreak


During the lockdown Gagamel boss, Bebe Cool was largely quiet.  He later came out to reveal that his silence was on purpose.   He is back to talking and sharing opinions on topical issues and his fans wish he went silent again.

When fire gutted the iconic Ivory Tower building at Makerere University in the wee hours of Sunday Morning, Bebe Cool was among the thousands who express sadness, anger and shock

The Makerere University Ivory Tower that was gutted by fire; (Photo: URN)

In his submission on his Facebook page,  Bebe Cool questioned whether there was a kitchen at the top of the building, or if it was just because of an electrical failure.

He wrote:  First Makerere fire would have kind of supported the intended project though it was obvious to people with common sense based on the materials used to build the block, the affected part of the block, its height, speed of spread of the fire, police response, and other factors.

By the way, is there a kitchen on the top flow to cause the fire? or electrical failure malfunction caused the fire, hhhh naaa, now a second floor below catches fire after the visit of the first lady, well the plot is lost now, and its unfortunate obvious foul play.

But anyway burning buildings wouldn’t make supporters of NRM change their minds in case that was the point. Lots of politics in play now and we stand to watch.

Many were confused by the message he tried to relay across.  “Was this written by a primary school chap who had forgotten to do revision in a while?” a one Jako wrote.   Others advised Bebe to steer clear of any intellectual discourse as he sounds better when he is silent!


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