Don Charles Lambert gives cars to faithful Ugandans


By Kampala Sun writer

The brain behind the war, Africa’s first economic, ‘Field Marshall’ Charles N. Lambert has awarded some of the faithful Ugandans with cars as a thank you for their efforts in fighting for Africa’s economic independence.

Charles gave out three Toyota saloon cars to three lucky executors of the war at Black Wall Street house in Kampala.

“Yesterday I shared the Word behind the War and gave away three Toyota Salon cars to faithful executors of the Economic War. Africa first,” Charles Lambert said.

Charles Lambert donates a car to one of his followers

Charles Lambert who launched the Black Wall Street in Uganda recently reveals that governments have tried their best but failed and now, it is time for Africans to ignore the governments and build a new nation through the power of private sectors.

He argues that Africa is where it is today because the governments have been the ones making all the economic decisions which have not brought any economic growth for years.

The Black Wall (BWS) Street through its Economic War has been at the forefront in helping Africa transform its economy and create productive jobs by supporting investments to build essential infrastructure, helping workers develop skills, and facilitating greater access to markets for citizens and businesses through economic integration.

The Economic War, which is Led by Charles N Lambert, the Chairman of the Black Wall Street, is to bring together private sectors, African multilateral institutions to identify opportunities and address constraints for changing the investment landscape in Africa.


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