Kenzo violates wildlife guidelines


By Julius Senyimba

Poisonings are a grave threat to the survival of wild animals as humans encroach on their available habitat.

Back in 2018, Uganda Wildlife Authority found 11 lions dead from suspected poisoning in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Other cases of travelers poisoning apes graced local dailies hence a ban on feeding them despite their persistence especially when a car slows down in their territory.

The act of voyagers stopping and lowering their car windows to share bites with monkeys and baboons is a crime and we expected the new Uganda Tourism Ambassador artiste Eddy Kenzo to be in the know of this.

Unfortunately, he is not as he violated the law by sharing bananas with monkeys. Having happened in the wild, it could have been a Vegas case, but Kenzo went ahead and pinned it on his Twitter handle unwisely with a caption ‘share blessings’.

The act of sharing was welcomed by other ill-informed people while those in the know came out hard on him.

@aleku_s “As a domestic tourism ambassador I would think you know how devastating this picture is.”

Middy Shau “Dats our Ambassador”

DONNAH “What ua doing In conservation is wrong but in humanity is100% right… Wild animals must be wild animals.”

Sir Gadson Gardner “It is receiving with two hands and others are waiting patiently! Wow!”

Useful Idiot “Someone thought this was some dope content for Kenzo… Only that they forgot that feeding animals in the wild is not allowed.”


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