Full Figure hits cave to pray for Sevo

Local musician Full Figure flashes the NRM sign at Kisekka market as socialite Sipapa (2nd right) look on. PHOTO BY MICHAEL KAKUMIRIZI

By Ahmad Muto

Presidential advisor and singer Full Figure has caused a buzz online after photos emerged of the motor mouthed political commentator with her colleagues emerging from a cave in an island in Mityana. She had gone there to pray for President Museveni to be able to win the 2021 presidential elections. She carried a copy of the Mustard Seed and a Bible.

Full Figure since switching allegiance from People Power to NRM has been very vocal and intimidating to the opposition everywhere they meet.

The last time we reported here about her going for prayer was when she turned up at Rubaga cathedral to pray for Uganda and President Museveni, and also hand his plans to run for Kampala woman MP to God.

The act left social media seething with anger.

Suvia kabs: Imagine going travelling to Mityana you would have entered your toilet and prayed God hears in prayer no matter where you are do not forget even the oppressed are praying.

Andinda: I think the President be there back stage he laughs and says see my comedians.

Derrick Donald: Naye banange …kati basigadde kugenda mutooyi basabireyo ….akasukali kanonze baba.

Winslet Winnie: Hmmmm, ki Uganda kitandise okunyuma, in Bad Black’s voice.

Martha Kaneema: No need to do this much he is going win and you know it, in fact you may end up bringing bad omens to him just stop.


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