Feffe Bussi pinned over song

Feffe Bussi was a star at the second edition of the Club Beatz at Home online concert

By Ahmad Muto

Luga-flow rapper Feffe Bussi has been put on the spot by an upcoming artiste, Dosa Dosa who claims the rapper has ripped him off his craft. He says they were friends and therefore gave Feffe the song titled “Onkuba Nga Enaanga” out of courtesy and friendship. However, he is unhappy because Feffe has refused to credit his effort. Dosa wants money or credit for his songwriting.

“After giving him the song, I asked for my payment. The next thing I had was in the morning after spending night in studio with his manager recording the song,” says Dosa

However, according to Feffe, he never credited him because he writes his own songs. He has dared Dosa to release his version claiming he has never listened to it. While Dosa says he will ask him to take his version off YouTube and if he doesn’t, he will release his own and listeners will decide.

Dosa also claims that he is hurt because Feffe spoilt the song a lot with bad vocals, atleast he would have consulted first.


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