Nsereko’s song trashed, compared to Fresh Daddy


By Ahmad Muto

City legislator Muhammad Nsereko has taken a few notes off singer Bobi Wine’s playbook and hit studio to record a campaign song for his re-election bid.

Nsereko who is the incumbent Kampala Central Member of Parliament who has widely taken on the NRM rebel MP tag for opposing party positions on national issues hit studio, recorded a song and dropped a teaser on his social media that left his supporters as confused as his critics.

He captioned the teaser that is about 45 seconds long “Londa Nsereko loading, composer’s time.” One thing you won’t miss however is if you know how he sounds, the voice in the song doesn’t sound anything like him.

That said, his critics haven’t liked the song at all to point of asking him to abandon his re-election bid and go with his song that they claims is potentially going to make their ears bleed. They asked to seek a collaboration with Fresh Daddy.


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