I am virgin with a Master’s degree, Doreen Kabareebe


By Julius Senyimba

Back in 2014, model Doreen Kabareebe took to her Facebook timeline to officially declare that she lost her ‘goat’ at university.

The Nkumba University alumni said; “I lost my Virginity at Campus.” And thereafter asked people; “What about you?”

Well, the post did full attention and now, six years down the road, she is claiming to be a virgin. This is possible only if it is a secondary, no wait, maybe a tertiary one as an operation can make this dream come true.

In an interview, Kabareebe noted that “I am a virgin. The man to marry me will be the first to sleep with me…”

This had many doubters basing on her lifestyle, but she went ahead and stressed on her twitter handle. “Yes, and I do not fornicate. The Spirit of God living in me is greater than all things.”

We know you are still not taking her words seriously, sikyo? But just know that you are not alone.

Muwonge Yasiin “Our legend you mean you are still virgin.”

Away from this story akin to the saying of ‘it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God’, the model has hit the 110k followers mark on Instagram.

Congratulations nyabo, but about the virginity, we need a report from your close friend Jose Chameleone.


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