Kireka sex party participants face seven years in prison


By Julius Senyimba

What started as an extravaganza for some youths in Kireka at a sex party is now into the tears bend after some being charged and others at the mercy of the judge.

Eleven of the twenty-two people who were arrested by Police over sex partying on Saturday have been charged and convicted.

They were charged and convicted on six counts of disobedience of lawful orders, negligent act likely to spread infection of disease, keeping a brothel, indecent practices, prostitution, and promoting trafficking in persons.

The offences attract maximum jail sentences of three- and seven-years’ imprisonment, respectively.

However, the owner of Tower Guest House in Kireka, Sharon Amutusimire, where the offences were committed, denied the charges together with the transporter Yesiga Mugenyi, a boda boda rider.

Amutusimire faces separate charges of keeping a brothel and promoting trafficking in persons.

These developments were welcomed by some and others not in support of the outwardly heavy punishments.

Irene Mother of girls “They should be given community work. And that mother with a baby eh, feeling sad for her. Where the hell are the men.”

Asiimwe Felix “That’s some harsh judgement. They need to be left and do community work as a punishment. Besides, prisons are already full.”

Waswa Hassan Nkuutu “I condem the act of sex party but the best solution is creating more employment opportunities.”

Wahanze Brian Nabuzigiza “Why are they crying yet they were happy in the video?? They can appeal, and yes, the party can still go on in Prisons.”

Isaaks Cunnilingham “Just a caution is enough. We do not have the resources to keep locking people up over quenching their basic needs.”

Diana Sempebwa Katabarwa “Nonsense. Why are thieves of public funds never put on trial so fast?”

Nickel Mwiine Romadhi “I did not study law but that’s a very unfair judgement!”


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