Ykee Benda’s studio robbed clean


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Ykee Benda has gone through so much heat the last few weeks from getting trolled rather harshly on Twitter over his looks, to the quality of his songs. Now it has been reported that his studio, was robbed clean, even his ear pins were taken.

He took to social media to announce that the studio is now out of bounds, but did not reveal why, leaving a section of his followers confused.

“Announcement: Due to issues beyond us, Mpaka records studios are out of bounds for non-employees till further notice. Forgive us for any inconveniences in the due course. Everything will fall back into place.”

We have learnt that the decision to keep non-employees out is to enable the authorities carry out a thorough investigation. According to reports, one of the music producers is the chief suspect.


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