Chozen Blood video hits milestone


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Chozen Blood is not getting left behind by the numbers craze that has hit the entertainers online. He is the latest to hit a milestone. Chozen’s Sharp shooter music video that was uploaded on YouTube on July 3, has hit one million views on the video sharing site.

Chozen took to his Instagram page to let his fans know about it; “Numbers do not lie 1 M means a blessing thanks to all viewers please keep watching and subscribing to my YouTube channel, more is yet to come.”

The lock down has seen many local entertainers focus on constructing a digital footprint given it is the only avenue they have left to show presence. A lot have received YouTube plaques, hit half a million, a million and more during lock down.

The last time we reported about Chozen Blood here was when Winnie Nwagi revealed that she is glowing because she is single, raising questions about Chozen Blood she had been seen goofing with.


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