Drop that childish name, fans to Baby Gloria


By Julius Senyimba

Last year, singer Baby Gloria made 18 years old and was quick to run online to announce her being legal. “Happy birthday to me, guess who is legal”, she excitedly tweeted!

Now, another year has gone, but she still has the baby brand despite looking ripe from all angles and this has seen a number of her fans ask her to think of changing the name.

But before that, let us give the legal part some time, was she announcing her availability to a relationship, having a few drinks, that is an answer we will give you right here in no time.

Being a big day, let us join the rest and celebrate her.

Pinto Adamz “Happy birth to you but when will you stop being a baby??”

Gen Elly “but are u stl a baby wl ask #Levixone Mr Chikibombe I think he wl give me de right answer.

Zan Kits Spice gadget “Happy birthday to u daughter to Angella Katatumba.”

Nassiwa Resty “Happiest birthday sweet soul. Missing your new songs, please release some.”

Abeera Faith “Birthday blessings to you beautiful child. Keep soaring.”


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