Irene Ntale fails to move on


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Irene Ntale must be having the worst episode of psycho-analysis. From the day singer Nina Roz introduced Daddy Andre to her parents, she has not moved on. In a brief timeline, on Sunday October 25 when the news broke, she wrote: “I am definitely so happy for Nina and Andre. But you guys stop putting pressure on me, my turn will come.”

Just when people had started moving on, she shared another tweet, still about the same issue the following day.

Kale I know all my wedding service providers, decor, Djs, sitting arrangement, After party venue… Kati just the groom, kigwe!”

And now she has added that she has finally found herself a groom. “Guys you can all relax. We found the groom.”

It is safe to say, those putting Ntale under pressure to get married are really doing a thorough job given since the Nina-Andre news broke, she forgot about her music career and has not put a single tweet about her new song Everyway.


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