McKenzie frustrated by self-employment


By Ahmad Muto

Former media personality Bryan McKenzie who quit his media jobs years ago to concentrate on his own business is one of those receiving thorough whipping, courtesy of the corona virus pandemic.

McKenzie who used to organise a number of events in and out of Kampala took to Twitter to share his frustration and caution those planning on jumping on the self-employment bandwagon.

He argued using a 2015 report that ranked Uganda the most entrepreneurial country in the world stating that there is a huge difference between self-employment and entrepreneurship.

“Uganda in 2015 was ranked the most entrepreneurial country in the world. But really the case here is self-employment. It is not entrepreneurship when you hire yourself to do your business. Starting up a business and being an entrepreneur are two different things.”

He added that his own businesses failed because he was very interested in being the boss and thinking he is the best.

“Many of our start-up business fail to pick up including some of my own businesses simply because we choose self-employment compared to entrepreneurship. We are more interested in being bosses than being effective.”


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