I am inspired by other pastors, not my dad – Pastor Yiga’s son


By Joan Murungi
Andrew Gyengo, 21, is the eldest child to pastor Augustine Yiga of Kawala Christian church. His father introduced him of recent to the church at the age of twenty.
Having kept his existence unknown since childhood, not even close members of the church that have stayed and worked as ushers for long know a thing about him (Gyengo).
For the two years he has spent preaching at his father’s church, people know him for being a bossy and proud guy who favours the male in the church.
“Most of his projects are centered on men. He recently had a get together dinner and ordered all the ladies not to step there. He says he knows men more than women since he grew up with his father,” a one Namiiri revealed.
For his private life and rare occasions at the church, a number of people have not got a chance to interact with him. He only shows up when it.is him to preach and council the youth.
“I hear people saying that Yiga introduced his son to the church. I have seen him physically. I only see him on Abs TV,” Joyce Namata a shop keeper in Kawala said.
As I approach him for an interview at the church, I mistake him for one of the church workers. He walks unbothered to an office with his pale black shoe as he tells a young lady to offer me a seat.
Workers at the church call the lady Pastor Yiga’s office assistant. She acts bossy. Even to her boss! (Pastor Yiga).
When Yiga shows up, he seeks to speak to her, but she gives him less attention and concentrates on her phone.
This leaves me with questions like, who is the boss in this office? However, it looks like the three share the same office (Gyengo, Yiga and his assistant).
Later on, Gyengo orders her to leave the office for a few minutes, but she looks unbothered. She seemed belittled and banged the door while on her way out!
Gyengo’s family background
However much his father is alleged to have fathered many children, Gyengo insists that they are just seven in number.
His mother is called Juliet. He prefers her second name private. His mother and father (Yiga) separated 20 years ago, one reason he believes that the two can never get back together due to their different life styles.
However much his parents have never told him what went wrong. Gyengo thinks poverty made their relationship go sower.
“I think my mother could not handle because my dad was a very poor man by that time. Having been the only child by then, he had to hustle to make ends meet,” Gyengo revealed.
Yiga seems never to have found favour in girls with the Juliet name. He recently had another Juliet he was yet to introduce not until their love went sour as stopped everything between them.
Having stayed with his mother’s relatives for nine years, Gyengo started seeking his father’s refugee and had his education at Namilyango primary school and Greenhill Academy secondary school where he preached to students on a daily.
He aims at going for a law course. Last year in March, he decided to join his father’s roots after having an inspiration from Pastor Robert Kayanja, Robert Kakande and Nigeria’s pastor Wilson Oryema.
To him, his father has never been his inspiration in the evangelism world.
“My dad is my spiritual father. He has never been my inspiration in evangelism circles,” Gyengo revealed.
Gyengo is the youngest pastor at his father’s church though basically for the youth, who even call him in the night narrating their love problems which he has got pray for like he reveals.
“Some call me saying they been chucked in the night. My woman had to understand and bare the circumstances since I am a pastor and people need me to help them out, ”Gyengo revealed.

Besides preaching, Gyengo is into poultry farming to earn a living. He also has it that the sheep take good of him.
“Christians know that whenever they give in, they are supporting the well-being of their leaders and their ministry,” he revealed.
Being a pastor’s son has not stopped him from having lifestyle outside church. He also goes to the bars to have fun.
“There are very few bars I do not know around here. I hang out with my friends. They drink and use all kinds of things, but I do not, ”Andrew revealed.

His love life
Having had more than three girlfriends’ in life, Gyengo does not take his fourth love serious. He has it that women are never settled.
One reason he thinks speaking out her name is not necessary until the right time clocks. He prefers it a secret, even when his father has asked him to introduce her to him.
Gyengo also reveals how his girlfriend earns close to 800k, but does not reveal her kind of work.
“I am not yet ready to let him know about the person I love. All you should know is that kind of women I have loved are always crazy, stubborn and not within this church, ” Gyengo said.
He then receives a phone call and it happens to be his girlfriend. He picks and tells her how busy he is, but she seems not wanting to listen, but instead calls him a mufele and a liar.
“Have you seen? Now I do not know what she is thinking. She is crazy and not so much of a believer,” Gyengo said.

What he thinks about his father’s personality
A number of women have come out with allegations of sexual harassment and child neglect cases of pastor Yiga. However, Gyengo considers them false as he avoids it as a centre of discussion.
“When you fall in love with some women later separate, they tend to come up with call sorts off allegations. Women coming with such allegations are told to come for a DNA test but they do not want to come, ” Gyengo said.
He wonders how his father would take care of children he is not sure that are his. With all this, he is not shaken that him the father will end up dating the same woman. When asked if he wishes his father to get married, he went mute.
“I already have a woman. We cannot date the same person. People have tagged him to many women,” Gyengo revealed.
“It becomes hard for him to get a wife because he wants the kind of woman who is ready to with stand him and love his many children but the question is, who?” Gyengo added.


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