Sheilah told to get a life outside bars


By Ahmad Muto

Socialite Sheilah Gashumba is clearly not many people’s favourite given how she is roasted on social media for as little as coughing.

Following the announcement by the Minister of health, Hon. Jane Ruth Aceng on Monday on the opening of some public recreational facilities like casinos and gyms, but not bars, Sheilah who does nothing else, but spend time in bars felt cheated and so took her frustration to social media questioning the logic.

She wrote: “How can you open casinos and close bars and club? Ministry of Health is there any special type of Covid in bars and clubs? This is getting annoying”

She must have expected social media opinion to pour in favour of hers, but it was the opposite.

Case Eria: “Keyword is “casino” you can continue boozing from your apartment omwenge gwali gujja kutira mu mabaala babandi.”

Blessed babe: “The more you shout, the more you annoy them. Just keep quiet. Find somewhere else to go manage your stress not bars. Go to Church. “

Matugga’s finest: “The parte in you is even smelling say no more. Let them remain closed for your sake.”

Abidah: “Were you raised in the bar?”

Dark Prince: “They are helping you quit alcohol.”


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