Lukoma’s pregnancy shocks online in-laws


By Ahmad Muto

Singer and actress Hellen Lukoma is heavily pregnant following photos that have since surfaced online. The singer who has been off the social scene for a longtime didn’t just disappear because of lockdown, but to bake a bun in the oven.

From the photos, social commentators and online relatives have said it won’t be long before she makes them uncles, aunties and grannies.

Lukoma got married to Kaka Anwar in January 2019 who was also her longtime manager and gave birth to their first child in August.

Some of her fans have argued that she has gotten pregnant too early wondering if she has never heard of something called child spacing or family planning. But a section of her fans defended her with all the energy in their bones.

Ruga Pearl: “It’s okay. Who doesn’t babies?”

Naks: “It’s the right time. She waited long enough at tali mu ka single room so Lukoma all the best.”

Lyndah: She y on a right track. Actually, she’s a good successful planner.”

Praise: “I am team Hellen. I wish to be like her even I wish I can have four kids and kids and I get them every after two month.”


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