Sheila Salta rehearsing for wedding


By Ahmad Muto

Former Urban TV presenter Sheilah Salta last had a story here weeks ago after her boyfriend, Maxim, a city tattooist proposed to her. Well, we can now reliably inform you that she has started rehearsing for her wedding and she has premised it on the fact that “practice make perfect.”

Sheilah who is now 28, has started trying on the gowns, the art of walking on the aisle.

She broke the news about her latest activities on social media sharing a number of photos in a wedding gown just so her big day goes according to plan.

“Practice makes perfect..,” she captioned the photos.

However, she did not reveal the details and neither did she mention the wedding date.

Sheilah and Maxim have dated for over half a decade and their relationship has been one free from drama. At some point this year, it was rumoured they had parted ways. Sheilah has a son from a previous relationship and none with Maxim yet. Social media allegations then made Sheilah very furious that she had to assure everyone who cared that they were so much in love.


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