Vince Musisi drowns in food


By Julius Senyimba

Vince Musisi, a music and audio producer who uses his fingers to put together voices, beats and instruments to make great music and audios had his hands active again but this time around, typing into a local dish.

Being a foodie, the shaggy haired socialite was caught on camera in Naalya drowning in a G-nut and mushroom luwombo akin to Jesus’s disciples having their Last Supper.

“Man, I am from working out in the gym (Marco’s gym) so I have to replace the lost calories, but this dish is on point. I am happy that I went for the G-nut one, not the meaty, it is healthy,” Musisi told Kampala Sun while licking his fingers.

However, he had one complaint, the restaurant, Zuma had replaced a bar, a thing which rubbed him the wrong way. “We know Covid19 directives but such a meal deserves a beer to take it down, this is not fair to kick out booze completely. I am going to talk to management,” Musisi noted.


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