Maro apologies for promoting video on “wrong day”


By Julius Senyimba
Yesterday was a dark day in Uganda with tear gas and riots taking center stage. Sadly, some lives were lost too.
Away from the dirty game, back to entertainment, the internet was on fire and it was a great time to promote a new project an opportunity singer Maro chose to exploit.
“On the other note, Boudoir video shoot alert. If one is interested to appear in Maro video shoot please inbox!” read the post which had comments raining in with most of them being abusive hence pulling down the post and apologising to this fans.
“I apologize to those who felt offended by my previous post. Let’s grieve together! Let’s pray for our nation Uganda. Secure your life to have a future! It’s evident that shouting gets people killed! #ohoUganda.”


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