Nwagi celebrates 5-year musical journey with a new compilation


By Paul Waiswa

AFTER her badly dressed photos went viral and circulated across all media platforms  that some media critics anticipated asserting it was a stunt, Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi has dropped ‘Best of Everything’; a music compilation of all her songs to remind her fans of how far she has come in the music industry. This compilation consists of all the songs she has done during her five-year journey in the music industry.

“I’m reminding you of the songs I have released so far. My journey to where I am today because I have been entertaining you for quite some time now,” She said during an interview.

On her 17-songs compilation album, you get to hear all her songs including the very first jams like; ‘Science’, ‘Kwata Essimu’, ‘Detergent’, ‘Amaaso’, ‘Mataala’, and ‘Kano Koze’ among others.

Nwagi who was supposed to stage a concert this year and canceled it due to the lockdown and pandemic outbreak had gone off the scene musically but thought it wise that her half nude photos could keep her name vibrant, before deciding on the path to take musically. Now she believes that this compilation will cover up the gap and see her hitting the board again

“I want my fans to be holding onto that as I come up with something that will end the year in style,” She said.

Nwagi recently renewed her contract with Swangz Avenue. Although she remains tight-lipped regarding the number of years she signed for, she revealed that it was her choice because she was still enjoying her time with the team and company.

“If you haven’t yet fought with someone or had disagreements, there is no point in leaving. I have my peace, sing my songs in the style I want, they do not force me to do anything against my will. So I stayed,” Nwagi added.


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