Bigtril ignored after offering DJ Cuppy an Iphone


By Ahmad Muto

Rapper Bigtril has officially woken up and we can confirm he is smelling the coffee. Months ago he spoke thumping his chest like King Kong, nobody could have thought he would be out here in November stalking some not so A-List Nigerian entertainers. Nigeria’s DJ Cuppy put up a tweet asking for anybody willing to get her an iPhone 12 for her birthday.

Considering she is billionaire Temi Otedola’s daughter and just about two months received Ferraris with her sisters from their father, valued at over sh800m, she was joking.

BigTril either missed the point or went for her attention anyway. He replied: “What color should I get for you?” Did he receive a response, no. he might have overestimated his brand given he spent some good time in Nigeria after signing with Striker and recording the smash hit Parte After Parte.   He has taken the L rather professionally like comedian Salvado, did this week after Kevin Hart ignored him. 


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