Celebrate your family while you still can, Ykee Benda


By Julius Senyimba

Do we only learn how to treasure someone or something when we are close to losing them or it?

This is a question Uganda Musicians Association president Ykee Benda can answer in affirmative after surviving a nasty accident.

With his face stitched up and not in the best shape, Ykee thanked God in a long post for giving him another chance to live and showing gratitude to those close to him.

The singer who was travelling with his family; his son Dante Quain and wife Julie Batenga in the same car on the fateful day no longer gets them for granted.

 “Celebrate them while you still can #MaBebe,” read a caption of the picture having his son in it with a warm smile hence comments and likes coming in thick and fast.

Bintkeru “Indeed. Quick recovery daddy Dante”

Mellisa Mwesige “dats soo true by the way quick recovery ma broad”

Patience Hardesty “Bambi, may God protect him forever”

Shanic Shanyce “God z great that your still alive, recover soon bro”

Tomson Nshuti “God has done it brother; God’s love is our protection”


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