Full Figure customizes new ride with M7 plate


By Julius Senyimba

Full Figure added a new baby to her fleet.  The new baby is a Peugeot maroon car she acquired yesterday and immediately customized it with 2021, a picture of president Museveni and hers.

In addition, she painted fire flames around in before parading it to social media with a caption ‘New baby” accompanied by a loving emoji.

In the comments section, a lot of negative force rained in but for the obvious reason of promoting love not hate, we opted for the congratulatory messages.

Phionah Natuhwera “Make good use of every opportunity you have wama. It is your knowledge that made you to reach mzee.”

Nakola Allan Boma Mahanaim “May da good Lord Jesus Christ keep on blessing you Amen.”

Irangena Hakizimana “hahaha mbu new baby, I do work with Peugot, and this is the oldest type that have been ever built”

Ainebyona Keneth “Wama thank you for hard working”

Matsika Adrine “Congratulations maama flower Nrm oyeee mzee pakalast”


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