Nwagi asked to change video director


By Ahmad Muto

If singer Winnie Nwagi’s career depended on her latest song “Everything” she would be battling depression by now.

The song that was released a month ago has been criticised for having a very monotonous look and zero edge as far as the video is concerned. It has been compared to different local songs that are also struggling for views like singer’s for president Museveni’s attention.

They have particularly mentioned music director Marvin Musoke for giving an embarrassingly stale look that makes people’s eyes teary after the first 30 seconds as if they are in the kitchen cutting onions. That his videos feel like Daddy Andre touches and smell like Nessim’s art.

Meddie Muyanja: “Mbadde nteesa just…SWANGZ should consider the services of different Video Directors. Reason: Marvin Musoke’s touch is getting stale, just like the sound of Daddy André and Nessim. Nwagi’s new video #Everything is from the same template as #Jangu Just saying… Simanyi oba byenjogera nange mbitegeera! Omanyi elinyo linnuma.”

Derik Valentine: “Yo very right I’ve always had the same thought!, colourings zaabwe zifaanagana nnyo it’s becoming monotonous eza vinka ne Azawi nazo bwezityo.” That said, the “Everything” song video has received a terrible reception with only 100K views so far in week despite all the media tours, time and resources invested in promoting it

The lyrics video on the Swangz Avenue page has only 19K views, more like some Indian DYI YouTube tutorial.

It is currently in the league of her other songs – Bwogana with Recho Rey, Watching you with Dr Hilderman, Munange and Bunsonsomola that are all over a year old but with less views than your fingers and toes counted in one go.


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