Shonga offers sh10M for Sasha Brighton’s return


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Sasha Brighton and socialite Herbert Shonga sang each other praises the last time we reported about them here. Now it looks like the cheerfulness was short lived.

It has now emerged the two got into a fight and called it quits. Shonga took to Facebook to do a live video after over a month. Note that he was banned earlier for sharing video content that broke Facebook rules.

In the live video, he begs his girlfriend Sasha to return. The video has made him a joke after he promised to part with sh10 million for anybody who can convince the lady to return.  “I need someone to go and tell someone to come back home, if she does, you get yourself sh10 million. I won’t go into details but I believe you are sharp, you’ve got a cell phone, you understand.” Social media had a field day, some with zero chills called it a stunt both to promote a song she is yet to release.

Phiona kasumba: “Men style up, when women are in your homes you treat them like trash and now she left you are realizing her value.” Kobusingye: “She broke you like the way you did Nalongo.” Mulungi: “Oba why do l think this is a stunt. Tell me to call aunt kaduuka Cowie for counselling.” Herbert and his ex-wife Dorothy split in 2018 citing infidelity on Herbert’s part. She requested for divorce that they finalised early this year.


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