Women of our generation are money minded-Bruno Kay


By Julius Senyimba

The debate of women falling for money not love is one that will have strong proposers and opposers till Jesus returns.

This sees each gender fight to the death whenever this motion kisses the sun and this was evident once again when singer Bruno K hinted on the piercing fact.

“In this generation of ours, it is very rare to find a woman who won’t look at your financial status before she settles with you. My brothers if you have that lady who has loved you with your brokenness please treasure her.”

In the comments section, as usual, the female gender opted for the bush and fought for their integrity as the male were in full support. 

Nyagoma Bridget “it depends on which kind of woman you have mr. Bruno”

Jun Atukunda “My Bruno it’s a vice versa thing now days… some women like me are hardworking and not dependents… You need courage though to find the right one.. And pray over it.”

Nelson Mwesi “Boy child ambassador obugalo”

Carol Audreyn “But the bad thing is wen some guy get money they forget About u and look for new catches”

babyshady5 “I love your intelligence BRUNO MAY God bless u and bring u someone so understanding in yearz to come”


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