Your man is shabby – troll to Cindy


By Ahmad Muto

Cindy Sanyu is known for not taking criticism lying down and that what she did when a troll went for her man. The singer shared a photo with her fiancé Joel Atiku online with a caption that demanded answers from her followers.

“At this point of my life I am only interested in love, stability, consistency, respect and royalty. What about you?” One of her followers decided to instead tell how she finds her not good enough for flaunting on social media because he seems not to mind about his appearance.

Racheal Birungi: “What’s happening? I love u Cindy but yo not supposed to convince me abt yo choice of man anyway! Maybe he gat a good heart, but he needs to be presentable in public. Just a kind concern.”

Cindy was impressed and decided to respond in a similar fashion, making it clear it is her man. “No Darling. He is My man, not our man. Public can find their own man to present to themselves.”

And her fans came to her defence; Barbie: you are very right as long as u love him others can keep there comments to them selves. Nicky Nicks: “u very true it’s ur life your decision not someone’s concern to get wat u want go on.”


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