Barbie Kyagulanyi’s Sh20m bling sparks outrage


By Ahmad Muto

City philanthropist and Director of Caring Hearts Uganda, Barbie Itungo left social media in shock after online “investigators” found out the price of her necklace.

The figure annoyed a section of social media users claiming they are being exploited day and night by Barbie and her camp to keep amplifying slogans like “tuli mu struggle” when they are busy living large.

It emerged that the necklace she was wearing last week is worth over sh20 million.   A social media user shared a photo of the necklace online with its price tag and captioned it, “Imagine spending the entire day on social media shouting “tuli mu struggle” at the top of your lungs & the person you are struggling with is rocking some 20M UGX around her neck. Ensi eno.”The comments section attracted mixed reactions with some fully in support of Barbie arguing that nobody walks naked in their camp while others argued that it is not right for Barbie to keep saying they are in a struggle when she can afford such expensive jewellery and flaunt with no care in the world.


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