Full Figure prickly after Bajjo introduction


By Ahmad Muto

City events promoter Andrew Mukasa aka Bajjo got introduced by his fiancée, Nyunja Leah over the weekend at a colourful ceremony that has since left online buzzing.

However, this left many questioning singer and presidential advisor, Full Figure’s position after claims they were lovers and even have a child together. “Taata Flower” as she fondly refers to him left her disappointed given her reaction to the news about the introduction ceremony.

She hit at him saying she knows she is beautiful. “Am beautiful and I know it nze alina akazigo.” Later she shared a series of photos of them together with the caption: “He came to check on me very early in the morning ela agambye he will be there for me.”

They turned her into a laughing stock and mocked her. Some women said she is partly the reason they compare women to children because of how they consume lies easily, even from a man who was introduced just hours earlier.  Others branded her desperate, while some mocked her saying they didn’t know she also had feelings


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