Kansiime fell for Skylanta out of Sympathy


By Ahmad Muto

According to comedienne Anne Kansiime, she met her boyfriend Skylanta in 2017 through Kansiime’s sister, Mbarara-based singer Shine Omukiga.

During a one-ono-one session with Salvado and his wife Daphne, Skylanta revealed he had come to Kampala and they went to meet at Kansiime’s bar. That night they had established rapport.

But met again after 2 years when she was building the Backpackers leisure facility and wanted someone to take care of it while away from western Uganda. A

ccording to Kansiime, Skylanta was very trustworthy, the reason they built Backpackers with ease and bonded along the way.

However, he notes that that public hate towards Skylanta was what pushed her to fall for him. “The time I really realised that I cared about him was when the public started attacking him for dating me. I was like really? Can’t I have a friend? And we were not dating then.”

She adds that it’s because they were always together and didn’t see him as someone she could date but was always available.

After a while he stopped picking her calls, then started fearing her ex, Ojok. According to Sky, when he returned to Mbabara, he was known everywhere he went and he was shocked. And later in the confusion, they had the most horrible kiss in human history. 


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