I never said Biden can’t be president, Mbonye


By Julius Senyimba

On paper, he gets some right and others fail to see daylight. When a prophecy comes to pass, remnant dance and rejoice the man of God and when it flops, Prophet Elvis Mbonye is roasted on social media by those who don’t believe in his visionary powers.

This was evident again when outgoing president Donald Trump lost an election to Joe Biden as people claimed that Prophet Elvis had strongly vowed that Biden will never be president because of his evil ideas towards the church of God.

“Some prophecies come in parts and others in full. So, this is very critical to understand but people want things to be clear which is not the case. I saw a powerful woman in the race and at first, I thought it Sanders defeating Biden in the Democrat race but it was Kamala all the time who eventually determined the race.”

Prophet Mbonye explained during his Prophecies 2020 dubbed ‘Do you see what I see?’

In the same video, he went on to share prophecies that come to pass in; Pastor Yiga dominating news, an enemy closing worship places, a 14days forced sick leave (quarantine), Ham Vs DTB bank war, Bush fires (hear he mentioned Makerere university, patrol stations, buses, factories and so on country wide).

We know some of you got a chance and watched the video, to those who are yet to do so, we managed to summarize it and to the Prophet, his closing remarks were powerful depending on the side you are on.

“History will tell you that prophet who was the villain at that time being the hero of the future.”


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