GNL’s album is Grammy material – Maro


By Ahmad Muto

According to singer Maro, rapper GNL should never have returned to Uganda to promote his latest album, Spear. He has argued that after listening to all the songs on the album, the rapper who relocated to the US to pursue acting should have stayed there because the album is a masterpiece that deserves recognition internationally and perhaps a Grammy award.

I have extensively listened to GNL’s album. It is a great one and in my opinion, he shouldn’t have returned to Uganda to promote it here because it is a Grammy material.”

He added that GNL choosing to leave Uganda for the US to go chase his dreams was a great move and should have just sent the album down here to be promoted. However, he noted that he has no idea how it is doing down here.

“GNL is my friend. I did the song Kyokoba with him. I have no idea how it is performing here but he should just have sent the album here and continued chasing his dreams in the US.”


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