Catherine Kusasira defends Bebe Cool


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Catherine Kusasira has defended Bebe Cool from trolls spreading news on social media that the “Easy” was bounced from state house days ago. This started after singer King Michael made the revelation to the media.

Kusasira on her facebook page wrote: “For whoever thinks that bebe cool is nolonger recognised by the state it’s just propaganda to put him down, he is still standing and on the cause museven pakalast….. respect to rasta man….Bebe Cool!!!!,” read the caption accompanying a photo of them together outside State House.

Her followers accused her of trying to cover for Bebe and attempting to do damage control but failed miserably because they believe King Michael said the truth.

Sharkur: “But the truth of the video conference indicates he was denied access to speak let’s be realistic where necessary.”

Rich Heart: “T was his foolishness goin to the lions party dressed in a sheep’s skin. #Logic, uo designer betrayed u. How can u go dressed in red yet u wel know uo goin to the yellow society.”

Others blamed King Michael for embarrassing Bebe Cool.

Kusemererwa: “Am with u l really feel so bad when l see people like Michael and so other talking about bebe shame in them big up bebe and you madam”.


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