GNL’s wears Kilt, told wife thinks for him


By Ahmad Muto

Rapper GNL Zamba stunned his fans on Thursday when he shared a photo on social media donning a kilt. He captioned the photo, “WHO GOT THE POWER?!!! New #punk Pan African video drops tomorrow at 11:11” to announce he dropping a new video for the song off his album, Spear that he released recently.

His followers refused to focus on the music video news but on the fact that he now qualifies to be branded a cross dresser.

All they showed him was ridicule. Some even implied that it wasn’t his choice, but his wife, Miriam Tamar’s and he had no choice because, they claim, she wears the trouser in their marriage.

Wakoko Nathan: “I suppose your opting to put on a skirt is beyond your control and consent.”

Sowedi: “And u decided to put on a skirt? Obuyaaye bumenya era nze sibusobola”.

Dhamuzungu: “Man, oba Wats happening In da world…if this is fashion, I curse it in Jesus’s name…ZAMBA I respect u blood buh this is so ashaming bro….”

Conrad Kuts: “Gravity must’ve dropped #real lines when I compare with this shit, no #real rapper wears such crap besides U misusing them hashtags”.

However, some said they understand the culture of wearing kilts and it is very Scottish.

Paul Wyclif: Scottish culture. Yall been to Uganda only.”

MariamKush: “What a woman can do, a man can do.. welcome to Scotland zamba.”

Late last year American singer Harry Styles donned a dress on the cover of Vogue Magazine with conservative commentator, Candace Owens bashing him over his gender fluidity and called out society to bring back manly men.


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