Martin Ssempa slams Irene Ntale


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Irene Ntale opened a pandora’s box over the weekend when instead tweeting about the things that have eluded her for a while like hits songs, love and marriage, she went for men and generalized. She tweeted: “Men are Trash!”

It was she summoned men to assemble at the fire assembly point to explain to her how frustration is consuming her.

KaderUg replied: “I can confirm she is officially 35+. The frustration that comes with going past 35 n u have no serious man is disgusting to ladies. She retorted: “Atleast I can’t smash you.”

Pastor Martin Ssempa assured her he has been married for a minute so asked her to go get advised by women.  “Bambi Irene sorry about your heart break. My wife of 28 years says that her husband is her precious bae. I suggest that you get some advice from women and men who have been married faithfully for at least 25 years. You can then sing a different song.”


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