You’re useless to musicians – Trolls to Ykee Benda


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Ykee Benda had a very bad weekend following the accusations by social media users that they as artistes have abandoned their own. And therefore in his capacity as the UMA president, he stands to be condemned for the silence.

This got out of hand after he accused those pointing fingers at him of being keyboard warriors making noise on social media but doing nothing practical.

You know Nubian Li is with police but ur on my twitter shouting like it’s me giving out bails …! You urself can’t do anything about it apart from tweeting like he is locked somewhere on twitter. Bomboclat …!!”

Basla: “All people asked for was for your stance as the president of musicians association and not in your capacity as ykee benda. When bizonto were arrested, I remember Bugingo Hannington speaking out. You let your ego get the better of you fam.”

I am Segawa: “Ogwo omutwe ogwagejja n’egubanga ejjinja lyokumalaalo, is this the best you can say?? All Ugandans want from you is a stance in your capacity as the so-called president wabayimbi. Not your arrogance.”

Kadoma: “Bt you man this is not hw pipo react on such sensitive issues there is a reason as to why , they r shouting at u here as u may say ….weteleze.”


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