Pr. Ssempa asks Bobi Wine to apologise


By Ahmad Muto

Makerere Community Church pastor, Martin Ssempa has asked singer and former presidential candidate Bobi Wine to desist from attacking religious leaders. According to him, it is wrong to accuse all of them when he is only disappointed with a few individuals. He had demanded for an apology.

He tweeted: “@HEBobiwine please stop insulting me and others like me..It’s wrong to judge all of us as apostates and no longer God fearing. You need to apologize for this totalitarian attack on religion!”

This was a response to a statement by Bobi Wine quoted by a local daily where he argued that religious leaders have become religious entrepreneurs, favouring president Museveni. “Religious leaders seem to have turned into business dealers. They fear Museveni more than God. I want religious leaders to reflect on the life that Jonan Luwum lived.”

Bobi Wine made the statement when they were marking Janani Luwum day on February 16, asking them to emulate the life of the former Archbishop of the Church of Uganda.

Twitter: @MUTOHD


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