Chosen Becky praises baby daddy on her birthday


By Bayan Nalubwama

Musician Chosen Becky recently celebrated her birthday and like any other perfomer, she received special messages from celebrities, their fans  and her fans. However, one that caught her attention most came from her baby daddy Dictator Amir ” I love you Princess. You know how to feed me. Everything correct. Happy Birthday to the Chosen one. You’re destined for greater things. It’s nothing but pure love for you Malaika Wange.” He wrote. This message brought back memories that provoked Becky to pour her heart out. “……. it’s now three years together. Passed through a lot but as aman, you know how you handle me and I focus  again…. I remember you could do anything that brings a smile on my face , oooo your so sweet, people wil never understand what’s going on between us because you direct me how to do things properly …. I found all I wished to have and  am contented with you . And yeah… No matter how tough things get some times, we both know  we were meant to be and we will always. I love you Dictator Amir.” She revealed
With this kind of love all over social media, in-laws could not help but wish them luck and also assure Amir and Becky that their relationship will not end in years.


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