Felista and Bruno K’s resemblance shocks fans


By Bayan Nalubwama

Bruno K fans have run short of words after watching a challenge video of “omuwala,” Bruno K and Daddy Andre’s song with Bruno’s face swapping with young rapper Felista’s.
The resemblance of the two has left fans wondering whether Felista is Bruno’s sister or daughter and some have tasked him to go for a DNA test.
Jeyzamin: “Maybe she’s your daughter or Sis from another mom coz she resembles you seriously.”
Thats Peter: ” Man your the father”
Hassan Kayz: “Gwe Kitaawe”
Allen: ” You guys really do look alike”
Nuwahoorae: “It’s your girl yesu am surprised.”
Alexongashum: “She’s your photocopy”
Norbert: “Not just that but she may even be your daughter”
Shakirah Kwagala: ” Owedde kyatule nti yeggwe yakazaala kiggwe”
Nicholas Kamya: “Naye nga for real she looks like you.”
Shunior Shakisky: “You guys look alike. Who cheated Mum or dad or maybe you are the father”
Muthitwa: ” Owedde oddangamu nozala nosulawo”
Patra Wisdom: ” Just know we need a DNA”
Musimenta Barbara: ” DNA needed and some explanations too.”
 For quite some time, fans have been speculating that Felista and Bruno’s resemblance is not normal with some saying that the young rapper is the young version of Bruno K.


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