Netflix to modify Lupita Nyong’o’s story book “Sulwe” into animated movie


By Bayan Nalubwama
Netflix is to bring to life on screen Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o’s childhood inspired story Sulwe in a musical animated movie.
Sulwe is book written by Nyong’o where she encourages people especially Children to embrace the color of their skin. It also preaches about self esteem and on how true beauty is found within.
Excited about the milestone, the black panther actress took it to her social media and said: “Sulwe is going to be an animated movie!! Thank you to the readers of all ages who have joined #Sulwe on her starry ride. I’m so excited for this next adventure on Netflix! #BrightnessIsJustWhoYouAre Netflix Family Strong Black Lead”
Sulwe was published in 2019 and it was New York Times best selling book.


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