Nile 5 aside pushed to next year


By Julius Senyimba

The Nile 5 aside social football league has been deferred to 2022 for purposes of great care for the health and safety of all participants in every region the 5’s is held.

“We take the utmost care for consumers, staff and participants in all that we do. Given the current climate, as the country continues to battle against the scourge of COVID-19, we felt it best to hold off on moving forward with the tournament this year,” said Nile Special brand manager Francis Nyende.

“Public gatherings are prohibited at this time as they pose a great threat to the public in their ability to be super spreaders of the virus. And since we want people to come together in their numbers to enjoy the incredible experience that is the annual Africa 5’s league, we had to hold off for this year and focus our efforts on protecting our consumers,” Nyende continued.

Although this will be the second year in a row without the prestigious tournament, Nyende is still hopeful that the country will see better days as vaccination efforts begin to roll out across our nations. Fingers crossed, from next year the tournament will move ahead uninterrupted.

The fate of those who won the South African trip like our own photographer Hajarah Nalwadda, the tickets are still valid according to Nyende who stressed that they will enjoy the fully paid for trip when all is safe. 


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