Sheebah trolled for ignoring Chozen Becky


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Sheebah Karungi chose to mark her idol, Barbadian singer Rihanna’s birthday on Saturday, Feb 20 ignoring fellow local singer, Chozen Becky who was also marking her birthday. The ‘Nkutuse’ singer posted her message on social media as if they are mates who come from way back. She wrote: “Happy Birthday BadGyal Rihanna.” Captioning Rihana’s photo in a pair of pink silky shots.

However, just like Rihanna ignored her, social media users acted like they totally missed the message pretending the photo they see is that of Chozen Becky and therefore proceeded to wish the ‘Bankuza’ hitmaker a happy birthday in the comments section instead.

They accused her of ignoring Becky for Rihanna who is far away thinking they are on the same level.

James Senior: My eyes were telling me this is Rihanna but when I followed the comments everyone is saying chosen Becky! Happy birthday nyabo.

Ndi Mukoowu: Wait, what.???? So Sheebah is wishing riri a hbd, riri who is miles away but had failed to appreciate chosen Becky our own. Kika

Abdul Sempijja: Let’s hope she will reply. Wamma happy birthday our own Chosen Becky

Esther Spears: Today have seen wat the true colors of we African women you mean Chosen Becky is not a person because she’s not on the same level of Rihanna.

Twitter: @MUTOHD


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