Singer Coco Shampyn plots music comeback


By Paul Waiswa

Faded raga dance hall musician Coco Shampyn real names Stephen Mutumba who came to the limelight in 2005 after featuring in Dr. Hilderman’s  big club bangers like Campus gal, Ccupa, Kimpemempeme , and others is not hustling nor living desperately despite his silence in the media and absence from the public eye.

The Jinja SS old boy who had a chat with our journalist shared about his current works and walks of life, observing that at the time he is working with a tour and travel company that has its head offices in Rwanda.

Before joining music, Coco studied a Diploma in MDD at MUK with musicians like No Creature, Bobi Wine, and Master Parrot among other comedians. Upon putting music aside, the singer went for further studies at YMCA Wandegeya for a Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management in the period 2013 to 2015. After the studies, he with three others started up a tour and Travel company but shortly after went solo and opened his that hew named UBUMWE. He is the founder, Tour manager and the CEO.

Musically, Coco Shampyn said he has through the years been on a music break but all plans and strategies are set to revive back his lost fame. He revealed that once in a while has been recording some audios that are still in the docket. However, he has decided to record his comeback lead songs on the Album from Tanzania if all goes well. Coco is expecting to travel to Tanzania in April together with another kid in the Industry Eddy muziki, who he described as a good vocalist and if fused with his hard husky voice, the combination will have a great impact on their careers.


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