Ykee Benda resigned because artistes rejected him – Sophie Gombya


By Ahmad Muto

Former Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president has revealed that Ykee Benda has resigned from the association’s presidency because artistes refused to acknowledge him as their president. That because they kept asking him to get back her position while others went on camera to openly ridicule him made it hard for him to fit in.  

“Ykee’s biggest problem is people failing to acknowledge me as president and keep calling me the president, going on camera and asking me to return. I recognize him as my president. It is about my contribution and people appreciated,” she explained. Gombya added that UMA needs someone who has time, is able to lobby and very patient as opposed to money.

She has now begged Limit X singer Isaac Rucci to consider taking over the presidency of the association. It is important to note that rapper GNL has expressed interest.

The position of the presidency is now held by Cindy Sanyu on Interim capacity as it was announced on Friday, February 19.

Twitter: @MUTOHD


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