Pastor Bugingo tastes NUP Supporters wrath over comments on Bobi Wine’s SUV


By Ranell Dickson Nsereko

Recently Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi wine the National Unity Platform came unveiled his brand-new car which he says is armored.

He said that after all the torture he went through during the campaign season, there happened a group of staunch supporters of him and the national unity platform who care and feared about his life and decided to purchase him and gift him a brand new Toyota SUV that’s bullet proof for protection.

He said he did not contribute a penny to this car purchase, and he was just surprise when they delivered the car to his doorstep.

Amongst the people that came out and spit bitter and commented about the car were city pastor Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries International and this raised a storm of fire insults from NUP supporters.

Bobi Wine’s car is causing a storm (Photo: Courtesy)

Bugingo says he wants most of these followers and supporters to have some sense and think twice. The person you are supporting is wearing a bullet proof and helmet and now he has added an armored car and you are their just loitering in just a mere shirt like mine just because of a struggle whose genesis you don’t know about.

Bugingo asks how an armored car enter the country and be cleared without government knowledge if that person doesn’t work and cooperate with the government. Clearing such a car is not like clearing shoes or t-shirts otherwise if it was like that, I ask any of you to tell me how many people in your village have it.

The biggest gift we have ever gotten from God is the brains which is free and I want all of you to have sense, if a car is armored it’s like a war gadget there’s no way you can separate it from the gun and can’t just enter the country or be bought by everyone.

From the time it purchased to when it delivered to the owner trust me the government is already aware of it because its not these normal re-conditioned cars, we buy from Japan.

Bugingo adds that we all need life and brains to see a new Uganda but we need to be careful instead of just cheering out how you got a new bullet proof car of which you even don’t know in whose names is registered.

Politics is a game and most of these politicians speak differently during day and night. We have so many rich people in Uganda and tell me how many people have it.He believes  that its only two people i.e. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and former prime minister Patrick Amama Mbabazi who were known to have it but now there is another don being the third owning it and he wonders how possible it is.

He adds that most of you will always shout about this but when you are kidnapped or killed, no one will make noise or care about you because you are so green about their games and intentions. Bujingo says he is not bothered and doesn’t care about the insults but he will always stick to the truth till death.


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