DJ Erycom accused of ripping off local artistes


By Ahmad Muto

Europe-based Ugandan Disk Jockey, DJ Erycom ruffled a few feathers on Thursday when he went against tweeps that accused him of ripping off local artistes for years by uploading their music on his website without their consent.

They accused him of claiming he is marketing Ugandan content to the world yet he does not compensate the artistes with even a fraction of what he earns.

Erycom argued that he has been here for years and is the reason music streaming service Tidal failed to get a sizable share of the Ugandan market even after getting local partners. And therefore Spotify that is set to join the set is going to fail miserably. 

“I have been here since 2007…. Spotify should first ask what I did to Tidal (even when it partnered with mtn),” he replied to a troll.

One of the most notable aspects of the online conversation is that DJ Erycom is not very popular with a particular age group – the younger music consumers – that kept asking ‘who is DJ Erycom?’ Those who know him trashed his ‘remember where you got it from’ tagline on every song off his website.

Tweeps had quite a field day;

David Bujjada: “But Uncle Erycom had nothing to do with Tidal’s failure, Tidal just came when the Internet was 2g/3g, on expensive AF data packages.”

Fer Rouq: “Spotify is valued at around 67 Billion Dollars which is almost twice the GDP of Uganda and they pay artists But in DJ Erycom’s defence he gives away 50k Airtime atleast thrice a yr so he might put up a fight against Spotify you would know this if you remember the story of Goliath.”

This comes days after global music streaming service, Spotify announced its entry into close to 40 African countries, Uganda inclusive.

Twitter: @MUTOHD


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